Monday, March 18, 2013

Electrifying Art!

Am I on the path towards my life's purpose?
People often ask my help on how to deciphering their "reading".  Often, that's just a jump start on the process of free association and other times, it's figuring out how to the structure the relationship of question to images.  For instance, sometimes, I think all three images put forward the same idea, just shown in slightly different ways,  like when a student asks me a question and I rephrase my answer in multiple ways until I find one that makes sense to them (based on their life experiences etc) Other times, it makes sense that the first image describes the situation, the second suggests a direction to take and the third shows the consequences of following that path.  For this question/image combo, it only makes sense to me if I consider the question a two-parter.  First, am I on the path? The first image says clearly you are on a path.  The second half the second half of that question, you must clarify what your life's purpose IS. The second image says, well, you are clearly plugged into your art/dreams/ideals and the third, to me, says every once in a while, you're going to "take a bath" (have disappointments) (yick! cold water from the hose!!) but you just got to take it and shake it off.

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Richard said...

I like your analysis! Bath time!